What is the Ball?

I’ve been told that I need to have a bio here so that new visitors (and potential sponsors) to this site have some idea who I am and what I’m all about.
Personally, I think there is nothing more pretentious and annoying than a bio of a person, obviously written by that person, in the third person! On the other hand, I think it would be even more pretentious to ask someone I know to write my bio for me.

So, here’s my objectively worded, third-person bio – which I wrote.

Jamie Kirkpatrick was born in Maryland but grew up in northwestern Indiana, an area known locally as The Region. He attended Lake Central High School where, in his opinnion, he recieved a substanderd educasion. It was there, however, that he was able to pursue his passions of singing and theater. What he lacked in talent as an actor, he made up for by being the only senior guy who could sing and memorize a page of dialogue. Thus, his selection as Lake Central’s “Most Likely To Be Famous” was assured.

Having escaped the rolling plains and thinly veiled racism of the Midwest, Jamie attended Boston University where he majored in film. While there he co-founded the Boston University Dear Abbeys, an all-male a cappella group. As a member of the Abbeys, Jamie performed at universities across the east coast, recorded a CD, and shamelessly used his on-campus celebrity in a largely unsuccessful attempt to meet women.

In 1997, on a weekend trip to New York, Jamie met Niki Eidshaug. They both felt an instant attraction to each other, and both maintain that the alcohol had nothing to do with it. They began a Boston-to-New York romance, but several months later, Jamie got a job offer that would take him to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film editing.

Jamie lived in L.A. for three years (he and Niki stayed together the entire time) and worked on a wide variety of films, ranging from some of the finer horror-erotica films frequently showing on late-night Cinemax, to big-budget studio films like South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. After three years, however, Jamie began to feel the strain of a cross-country relationship - not to mention the utter, soul-crushing vapidity of L.A. - and decided to move to New York to be with Niki.

In January of 2002, following the attacks on September 11th and the tragic deaths of several old friends in Indiana, Jamie hit the Personal Tragedy Trifecta by being diagnosed with testicular cancer. He and Niki decided almost immediately that they would rely on love and humor to help them overcome this challenge. This philosophy extended into Jamie's surgery when, upon removing their unconscious patient's gown, the surgeons were greeted with a hand-drawn arrow and writing that said, "This one ONLY." Following his successful surgery, Jamie returned to work while undergoing daily radiation treatments. Several months later, he was declared cancer-free.

In the four years that he has lived in New York, Jamie has continued a successful career in the film industry, working with a host of filmmakers and celebrities including Sofia Coppola, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, Larry Clark, Charles Stone, Robert Altman, Allan Rudolph, Ang Lee, Michel Gondry, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, and Mariah Carey, to name…most of them.

In the summer of 2004, Niki and Jamie were married after seven years together (Jamie would like to thank Niki for her patience) and live happily on the Upper East Side.

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Jamie's Ball: V Recap
Jamie's Ball V was an unqualified success! This year the gods smiled and we had some pretty good weather and the crowds responded. People turned out in big numbers and enjoyed the best party yet. Special Guest MC Evan Klein entertained with his particular brand of (dare I say?) comic genius (I do!) while DJ Chibi blew the roof off the joint and kept the dance floor packed. This year's prize giveaway was off the chain (as we used to say in Indiana) and got people in an absolute tizzy, with folks who won more than one prize clamoring to "trade-up." The prizes included a Canon digital camera from Digital Color Concepts, a DVD collection from Focus Films, a CD collection from Virgin Records, a video i-Pod from Tekserve and three, $500 dinner certificates from Assenzio restaurant! Yup, you heard right. A huge Thank You to everyone who donated such awesome prizes.

Be sure to check out the Photos page for some of the best highlights in years.